“An adventure seeker, world traveler, and passionate environmentalist, Tiffany intends to spend her life exploring this planet in order to embrace the most authentic cultural experiences and witness all that this world has to offer while trying to inspire others to do the same.”

What is the one thing that lights your soul on fire? The thing that you’re the most excited to talk about and when anyone brings up the topic, you could chat for days with them about it. In other words, what is your biggest passion in life?

Mine is our planet.


I grew up playing soccer and that was my main identity for 19 years of my life. When I was in elementary school, I thought that I wanted to become a professional soccer player and stuck with that vision all the way through college. I played for the Division I Women’s Soccer Program at San Diego State University, but my experience was far from what I ever expected or anticipated. Playing at that high level actually made me reevaluate my life’s course. My junior year of college is when everything changed.

I changed my major then when I was having a mental breakdown about having no idea what I wanted to do with my life, I signed up to volunteer abroad in Nicaragua. Other than going to England for a soccer trip when I was 12 years old and Mexico with the family, this was my first big international excursion. My brother and I went together and experienced things that changed our lives forever.

Volunteering in a third-world country opened my eyes to some huge ideas, problems, and solutions that I had never even thought about before. That was the first time that I witnessed the impact that sea level rising could have on a community, how bad our trash problem is, and how incredible human beings are even if you don’t speak the same language. After 23 days abroad with just a backpack on our back, I was inspired to be the “Roots of Change.” I always thought that one person was so powerless compared to the entire world, but this trip made me realize how important individuals are to the environmental
situation at hand.


Once I came home, my world had changed. I realized my greatest passion in life was, and always had been, our planet. I knew what direction I wanted to spend the rest of my life and that was helping protect our planet so that it and human beings can coexist and thrive together.

Inspired by that trip, I completed my final season of soccer then decided to study abroad in Thailand for a semester. Living in a foreign country for seven months was a game changer. It taught me SO much about myself, the world, and humanity. It showed me how much I value first-hand experiences by always wanting to see something for myself so, consequently, my travel addiction kicked in full-force.


I truly believe that if people could experience and see what I have been so lucky enough to witness, then they would feel the same. They would be so in love with humanity and our planet that traveling the world and cultivating sustainable behaviors would seem like a no-brainer. Because I know the basics of the reality of the state that our planet is in, I feel called to sharing my stories in hopes that I can inspire people to fall in love with our planet so that we all work together to protect it. Without our planet, there is no us. Without our ocean’s health, there is no future for humanity.

That’s why I’m so grateful to work for Scuba Travel Ventures. I am able to share my passion with others that are open-minded to experiencing an alien-like world right here on Planet Earth. People that want to go out and see the world with their own two eyes. I love being able to assist in preparing people’s dive vacations around the world because I know that they will have stories to share with their friends and families when they come home.

Life is too short to stay in one country for our entire lives. Life is too short to never go below surface level. There is an entire world out there waiting for us with open arms and it’s not a scary place like we’ve been conditioned to believe. Take the leap of faith, pack your bag, and go out to explore the unknown!