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Atlantis Dive Resort - Puerto Galera

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Plunge into the Philippines’ unchallenged dive oasis, here on the island of Mindoro Oriental. Located just 70 miles south of Manila, Atlantis Dive Resort - Puerto Galera is truly one of the last great undiscovered dive destinations in the world.

The two-mile-long reef and sur rounding area boasts a biodiversity exceeding two times that of the Great Barrier Reef and the entire Caribbean combined. Mandarin gobies, ghost pipefish, pygmy seahorses, flamboy ant cuttlefish and mimic octopuses are just a few of the thousands of species routinely spotted. Thirty-five world-class dives within 15 minutes of the resort await you and the day trips to Verde Island are a must.

Atlantis features 40 ultra-stylish, spacious guest rooms and suites, a private swimming pool, the renowned restaurant, Toko’s, with its daily changing menu, and a spa where you can get totally pampered with a massage, manicure or pedicure.

Local dives leave in comfortable skiffs up to 5 times per day with a choice of sites each time. Dive guides, many of whom are instructors, cater to the diver’s personal needs — especially photographers; you carry only what you want. Enjoy a reasonably priced massage at the in-house spa after all the diving, and it’s easy to see why Atlantis has long been a favorite of divers. Add some of the friendliest English-speaking locals in Southeast Asia, a myriad of day trips and activities and a renowned party atmosphere, and it’s easy to see why Atlantis Puerto Galera’s reputation is quickly spreading. Experience the Atlantis difference in exciting Puerto Galera. Great for combos with the Atlantis dive yacht, Azores.

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The best dive trip I have ever had.
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Reviewed by: George09/12/2012 04:24PM

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Purchased from: Scuba Travel Ventures, Inc.

We departed April 2012 for the trip from Chicago to Atlantis in Puerto Galera. Mario was our agent, and he took excellent care of us. Due to unforeseen circumstances our flight was delayed in Beijing, we were able to get in contact with Mario and he in-turn was able to contact the resort to rearrange the transfers despite the fact that it was the middle of the night local time.
The following evening at around 2 AM, We were arrived at the airport and were greeted by a young man who explained the transfer and gave us bottles of cold water. He called the van, which whisked us away to a boat port just about two hours away. From there, we boarded one of the outrigger boats and made the 45 minute journey by moonlight to the resort. Normally the transfers are only done during the day, however due to our delays Mario and the Atlantis staff really came through to help get us there sooner.
Once at the resort we thoroughly enjoyed the diving and staff. The resort’s diving operations were well organized and operated very well. Divers enjoyed the option of taking up to 5 dives each day, however most ended up taking 3 or 4. Other opportunities like lying around the pool, or enjoying a massage were popular diversions. The day’s dives along with the groups were all charted out each morning on a large board allowing divers to pick which ones they wanted to participate in. Dive guides were usually switched in the morning and the afternoon, meaning you had a morning guide who arrived fresh and ready and an afternoon guide who brought an entirely new batch of fresh energy to the boat.
The trek to this resort is for a reason, it is virtually located on top of the best diving in the world. From the resort, you board small speedboats which take you 2-10 minutes from the resort where you simply back roll into the water. A site called Sabang Wrecks lies within 2 minutes from the resort, which features great bio-diversity including very large bat fish.
The staff at this resort really goes out of their way to make divers comfortable. From day one, you setup your dive gear once. The staff tags it and makes notes, and after that you arrive each morning and your gear is assembled and in the proper boat. When you depart in the evening your gear is broken down, and washed thoroughly and returned to an assigned storage cubby. The kitchen staff also goes way out of their way to make guests feel welcome. Upon arrival, you fill out a form for the kitchen staff indicating food allergies, likes and dislikes. Each night, the staff has two appetizers, entrees, and deserts to choose from. This really allowed even the pickiest of eaters to find something absolutely delicious.
While we were staying in Puerto Galera, we talked to many other guests. Frequently, we heard stories of repeat visitors who were returning for their second, third or even tenth stay. These folks stated that it is like visiting old friends. The staff stays consistent; they remember you and they welcome you back by name. Frequently, the dive staff would hang around after hours at the “50 bar” (which is located right on the waterfront attached to the resort) and drink and talk with guests.
Atlantis in Puerto Galera is a very special place. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind dive get away, I would highly recommend this resort. The staff, the food, and the diving operations, and the marine life are all top-notch. Bottom line, this is the best dive trip I have ever had.

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