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Live Aboards - Caribbean
Why choose the Caribbean for your live aboard vacation? In a word, culture. No where else in the world do you find such diverse culture than in the Caribbean. There are French, Dutch, English,...More Details »
Live Aboards - Central America
Scuba divers, strap on your gear! From Costa Rica's Pacific coast to Belize's Caribbean cayes, Central America is an underwater extravaganza. Central America Scuba diving can be challenging enough...More Details »
Live Aboards - Galapagos
The Galapagos Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1978, has an astounding 97 percent of its more than 45,000 square kilometres/28,000 square miles preserved as a national park. A truly...More Details »
Live Aboards - Maldives
The coconut palm and the yellow-fin tuna, symbols of the Maldives, say a great deal about this nation of more than a thousand islands. Grouped into 26 low atolls in the Indian Ocean, less than 300...More Details »
Live Aboards - Mexico
Cross over the U.S. border below the California state line and you've entered the great Baja peninsula. It is a land of vast, dry desert studded with cardon cactus and pine-rich rock mountains....More Details »
Live Aboards - Pacific
Scuba diving in the South Pacific enjoys the reputation as being the very best in the world. Exotic marine life, including turtles, sharks, rays and whales, and a stunning seascape with corals,...More Details »
Live Aboards - Red Sea
Stride into the Egyptian Red Sea and everywhere you look, on every dive you make, is a mind-boggling concentration of marine life. Large numbers of reef fish amass in swirling schools and an...More Details »
Live Aboards - Southeast Asia
South East Asia, as it is known to westerners, comprises of a massive area from China and Mongolia in the north, to Indonesia and The Philippines in the south. The main scuba diving holiday...More Details »