Why Entrust a Scuba Travel Ventures Agent with Your Precious Vacation?


Thanks to all those wonderful online travel booking engines and resort websites, everyone can be their own DIY travel planner these days...


Well, yes, but did things work out exactly as planned the last time you did it yourself?
Did you forget to make arrangements for something, like figuring out how you were going to get from the airport to the resort in
a cost-effective, hassle-free manner? Or maybe, when booking that super low-priced air fare you didn’t notice the 18 hour layover between connections? Now you have to book a hotel room for a more comfortable stay or rough it out in the airport; so much
for that great deal.

The pictures of the resort you’ve chosen to book look perfect and pristine, but are you sure that’s what the resort truly looks like? Who really knows? The answer to that question is “WE DO” – it’s our job.

Did you know that it doesn’t cost you dollar-wise anything more to trust a dive travel specialist with your vacation plans than it does to do it yourself? In fact, it actually can help you SAVE. Save your precious time, save your sanity, and save you from costly mistakes.

When you use a STV agent to book your vacation, you are using their knowledge and experience to get you where you want to go with minimal stress and with the value of your time and hard-earned dollars in mind. It is our job to make sure the details are covered. We know which resorts and dive operations to recommend within your budget. We know what optional activities are available that you may not have thought of or may want to plan ahead for. We may suggest an airline itinerary that is not the cheapest, but is actually the best for duration and scheduling purposes based on our experience.

We are here to help make your planning and vacation as stress-free as possible. Life is complicated. Your vacation shouldn’t be.

Call us today!

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Viviane 02/08/18 04:27:43 PM

Planning the perfect vacation can be a success or it can be a total failure, the travel agent can really make a difference. Weather you prefer to relax on a white sandy beach somewhere on the tropics, or book a room in some exclusive mountain resort, planning shouldn't happen in the last minute. This time of year, the deer hunting lodges in Alabama are fully booked, which means that someone did its job at the right moment. So, if you want a memorable vacation, work with a specialist.

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