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From the place names to the pastel-colored buildings of the capital city, Kralendijk, the Dutch influence of hundreds of years is everywhere here. Blend in and stir Caribbean, Latin American and African influences to match the European vibe and you’ve fairly well captured the flavor of this Netherlands Antilles island. There’s a history of conservation both underwater and on land, making Bonaire pristine from top to bottom. While diving is internationally recognized as being world class, don’t skip out on rock climbing, windsurfing, biking and even a new “extreme” sport, blokarting.

Bonaire is, arguably, the world’s shore diving capital. There are dozens of sites and if you like diving on your own schedule, anytime and anywhere, Bonaire is your paradise found. Get this: Some of the island’s most spectacular dive sites are mere steps outside your resort room, as house reefs offer an abundance of marine life. With its accessible and well-marked roads and ample parking, you can cover dozens of shore dive sites on the island’s leeward, west side with a rental truck, in which built-in racks for carrying tanks come standard.

Mixing in boat dives are no problem, either and you’ll definitely need one if you want to explore the reefs ringing Klein Bonaire, a nearby small island to Bonaire’s west, where there are numerous sites. If you’re an experienced diver who can brave the strong currents and if the weather holds out, catch a boat to check out Boanire’s “Wild East” side. There, you may find schools of tarpon and a few scattered rays.

Up and down Bonaire’s west coast, you’ll find some of the healthiest reefs in the Caribbean, with plentiful and colorful fish and corals. Most of the reefs are shallow enough to enjoy longer dives, but if you want the challenge of wreck diving, that’s also an option, as two wrecks are well worth the dives. Orange cup corals, tube sponges, eels, turtles and angelfish are just some of the sights you’ll take in underwater in Bonaire.

Scuba Travel Ventures has your stay covered with properties where you can enjoy total diving freedom, long before and after the dive shop has shut its doors.

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Description: Call for New Weekly Specials 1-800-298-9009 In early 2002, Bonaire residents Martien and Ingrid Van der Valk became the proud new owners of this very special property. Today...More Details »
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Description: Call for New Weekly Specials 1-800-298-9009 On the western coast of the gorgeous island of Bonaire sits Captain Don's Habitat. Founded in 1976 with the emphasis of being...More Details »
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Description: Call for New Weekly Specials 1-800-298-9009 Dive, relax and explore is what Caribbean Club Bonaire stands for! This friendly resort combines affordable accommodations with full...More Details »
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Description: Call for New Weekly Specials 1-800-298-9009 Feeling festive? Then you’ll feel right at home here, among the Dutch-influenced, brightly-colored garden view and oceanfront...More Details »
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