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Why choose the Caribbean for your live aboard vacation? In a word, culture. No where else in the world do you find such diverse culture than in the Caribbean. There are French, Dutch, English, Spanish, Irish, and Chinese influences to name a few, all compressed in a small region of the globe. From island to island, dive spot to dive spot, the Caribbean can change dramatically, including the underwater world. From tropical, to near desert type island landscapes, the Caribbean is sure to keep you surprised and excited for what lies ahead.

There are countless ship wrecks to discover in the Caribbean due to the history of pirates battling through these waters in search of bounty. They'd sail the open seas, traveling from island to island fighting and stealing in search of buried treasure and of course their coveted rum.

Reefs, cliffs, and caves also add to the excitement of the Caribbean. Where there are multiple islands, there is immense beauty below the surface. The Caribbean is no exception.

Your adventure awaits on the open sea, mate!

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